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No Post on Sundays is Young Adult At Heart’s Sunday link dump, a collection of posts from other bloggers we’ve found interesting or share-worthy throughout the week. This isn’t a real blog post. And yes, that is a Harry Potter reference.

On Books

Ashleigh Paige from The YA Kitten talks about how a ‘damaged girl’ narrative treats abused female characters one of two ways.

Emily from Loony Literature gives us Ten Bookish Commandments to live by.

Rashika from Xpresso Reads tells us why she is NOT OK with religion in books.

Emily from Paperback Princess ponders on how she responds to hyped books.

Holly from The Fox’s hideaway discusses the magic of re-reading.

Nisha from A Running Commentary talks about what she likes in different writing styles.

Meleika from Endless Pages wonders where all the curly-haired main characters are.

Marie from Drizzle and Hurricane Books examines realism in books.

Chiara from Books From a Delicate Eternity wants to know if you prioritise your reading.

Shannon from It Starts at Midnight tells us why she’s not giving up on ARCs.

Sierra from The Nerdgirl Review talks about why she doesn’t finish book series.

Samantha from The Forest of Words and Pages talks about how depressing affects which books she wants to read.

Jo from Book Lover’s Blog tells us how being a bookworm has given her unrealistic expectations.

On Blogging

Becca from The Reading Teen finally achieves adulthood and wonders how the rest of us manage it.

Lyn from Great Imaginations gives a measured, calm response to the recent Book Blogger Confessions post that apparently blew up half the book blogging world (this is why I don’t go on Twitter).

Amy from A Novel Start wonders what your reaction to a massive blog stats spike is.

Bekka from Pretty Deadly Reviews wants to know why do YOU blog?

Parajunkee from Parajunkee’s Reviews gives us 5 examples on how to suck at blogging.

Ana from Read Me Away talks about proofreading (or not) your blog posts.

Cait from Paper Fury makes us all face the truth of the lies book bloggers tell themselves.

On Fandom

Inge from Bookshelf Reflections tells us why we should watch Doctor Who.

Jamie from The Perpetual Page Turner muses on how easy it is to access our writing heroes.

Maha from Younicorn Reads discusses whether or not ‘doing it justice’ matters in film adaptations.


Now, this post isn’t by a book blogger. It’s by Doug Walker, The Nostalgia Critic, a film reviewer from Youtube. I just think it’s important to know that what he’s talking about (people trying to silence criticism) stretches into book reviewing as well, and we all need to know how Fair Use works (book reviewers are critics, so we don’t need permission to post short excerpts or book covers – criticism and satire fall under Fair Use). It’s a long video and it’s about the current YouTube method of trying to fight a false copyright claim, but I still think it’s worth watching and thinking about in terms of book blogging, because there are always people trying to silence critics.


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