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Hamilton book tag 1

I know it seems like I’m jumping on the bandwagon doing this Hamilton book tag, but in reality I generally don’t do book tags and also no one tagged me. However, because this is about Hamilton, that makes this different. Like everyone doing the tag, I’m kind of obsessed with this musical at the moment. I might write a post later on about how my love grew from nonchalance to obsession considering this musical is about American history, which I have about zero interest in.

Anyway, my love for Hamilton cannot be contained. Here’s the tag!


Hamilton book tag 2

the room where it happens

I know this is going to sound really generic, but Harry Potter. I spent forever staring at my six-stars shelf, trying to figure out if I wanted to live in the worlds of any of my favourite books, but I really don’t. Harry Potter is probably the only one that appeals to me, with the stipulation being that I am of course a witch and I get to attend Hogwarts or one of the other schools when Voldemort’s not around. Everything else is too scary, too dangerous, or people have much shorter lives.

harry potter series

Hamilton book tag 3

the schuyler sisters

Waverly from Glow (Sky Chasers #1) by Amy Kathleen Ryan. She is so kick-ass. She gets electrocuted and gets back to her feet. She’s so totally badass.




Hamilton book tag 4

my shot

Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy. She knows what she wants, whether it’s to be Lissa’s Guardian or go hunting her ex-lover.

vampire academy series



Hamilton book tag 5

stay alive

How about I just put the cover here and you can guess which character I mean?



Hamilton book tag 6


Once again I don’t think this needs anything other than the cover to be provided.



Hamilton book tag 7

you'll be back

Lockwood from Heather Dixon’s Illusionarium. He is just so SASSY. And I love his relationship with Jonathon – you kind of think he’s an enemy or a villain and he’s not either, really. He’s like a frenemy.




Hamilton book tag 8

the reynolds pamphlet

After the Woods by Kim Savage. This twist is so twisty and unexpected that I can’t even mention it for fear of spoilers. But the book was pretty good!

after the woods


Hamilton book tag 9

non stop

Twilight. Yeah. I know. I’m sorry, but I hadn’t read anything in the 12 months since completing my literature degree. Twilight was easy and fast and even enjoyable. It reminded me of easier times when I only had to worry about all the cute boys not paying attention to me, and not worrying about being able to afford rent or what my final grade was going to be. Since then I have bought but not read The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, and also bought, read, and yes ENJOYED Life and Death. HATERS EXIT STAGE LEFT.



Hamilton book tag 10


The Animorphs Megamorphs series.  This was my first introduction to multiple narrators and I’ve got a very soft spot in my heart for this series. I re-read the entire series in 2013, and it’s just as good as I recall reading for the first time when I was a child. I love the Megamorphs.

megamorphs collage



Hamilton book tag 11

who lives who dies

I’m going with Harry Potter again. I’m sorry, but the impact this book has had on the entire world is undeniable. It got people reading who didn’t used to read before, the films were all successful, and unlike Game of Thrones, which was probably my other option for this question, it’s suitable for all audiences to enjoy. My husband is already planning on reading this to our kids (we don’t even have any!) and I bought the illustrated version specifically for this reason.



Hamilton book tag


Rachel and Tobias from Animorphs. They were so great and really unconventional – the Barbie look-alike who’s secretly a psychopathic, ruthless warrior obsessed with battle, and the lonely, nerdy, bullied half-alien orphan boy trapped in the body of a bird. It’s not exactly Romeo and Juliet.

rachel tobias

rachel and tobias otp



Hamilton book tag 13

ten duel commandments

Any fight scene between Rose and Dimitri from Vampire Academy. Those two have such great chemistry.

rose dimitri fight 1

rose dimitri fight 2

rose dimitri fight 3


Hamilton book tag 14

say no to this

The Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost. I call this a ‘guilty pleasure’ because I mostly read Young Adult books, and these are definitely NOT YA. Although they are a little bit trashy, they are hugely enjoyable. And Bones is basically Spike from season 7 of Buffy.

night huntress



Hamilton book tag 15

what comes next

The Healer series by Maria V Snyder. She added more books to the Study series, so I live in hope!

healer trilogy


Hamilton book tag 16

right hand man

I’m not sure wht the BR in front of the OTP means, but I’m assuming it means ‘bro’ OPT. So my ‘bro’ OTP/ non-romantic OTP is Janco and Ari from Poison Study by Maria V Snyder.

poison study



Hamilton book tag 17

what did i miss

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I didn’t read them until the first film was released. I even read Divergent before I read The Hunger Games!

The Hunger Games promo




Hamilton book tag 18

wait for it

The Inkeeper Chronicles by Ilona Andrews. I’ve never read an Ilona Andrews book before, and the covers of these tricked me into thinking they were high fantasy, when they’re not really, apparently. Anyway, they sound really good and I’m waiting for the entire series to be released before I binge read them. The final book in the series is being published online as a serial, so I’d like to get it if/when it’s published in book form.

clean sweep

sweep in peace

What do you think? Have you heard/seen Hamilton? What’s your favourite song/moment? Who is your favourite character?

I tag anyone who wants to do this!


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