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No Post on Sundays is Young Adult At Heart’s Sunday link dump, a collection of posts from other bloggers we’ve found interesting or share-worthy throughout the week. This isn’t a real blog post. And yes, that is a Harry Potter reference.

On Books

Kaitlin from Reading is my Treasure muses on the cycle of reading multiple books at once.

Aentee from Read at Midnight to discuss when a favourite book is problematic.

Ceilidhann from Bibliodaze talks about unfinished books and the TBR pile.

Nikki from Alice In Wonderbookland spills the secrets of free books and other curious stuff.

Jamie from The Perpetual Page Turner tells us about her bookshelf goals.

Kristen from Metaphors and Moonlight wants to know if we prefer male or female protagonists.

Jo from Book Lovers Blog talks about how a book’s ending can change us.

Lisa from Lost in Lit gives an introduction to romance for newbies.

Emily from Loony Literate shares her thoughts on the power of retellings in a modern era.

Bee from Quite the Novel Idea tells us why she loves Middle Grade fiction.

On Blogging

Ava from Bookishness and Tea wants to know if lowering old Goodreads ratings is a good or bad idea.

Ava (again) from Bookishness and Tea wants to know if we tell people about our blogs.

Jessica from Fierce Blogging suggests places to get great photos for your blog.

Jillian from Chasing Faerytales is grateful she found a place that accepts her as a reader.

Aentee (again) from The Social Potato gives us a guide to meeting bloggers in real life.

Wren from The Bookmato Chronicles tells us why she keeps blogging.

Marie at Drizzle and Hurricane Books tells us why book blogging is awesome.

Jeann from Happy Indulgence shares some legal things we bloggers should know.

Rashika from The Social Potato talks about why Twitter sucks.

On Fandom

Alana from Thoughts by J reviews the Owlcrate subscription box.

Mara from Mara Was Here tells us 7 signs to know you’re too far into a fandom.

Emily from Paperback Princess recaps Penguin Teen on Tour.



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