Rainbow Blog Challenge Day 1


Welcome to Day 1 of the Rainbow Blog Challenge, hosted by Le Book Chronicles, Rach With Books, The Reader Dragon, Legenbooksdary, Aimee 23, and elle.biblio.

This challenge runs for one week from November 20th to 26th and provides two fun daily prompts to choose from (or you can do both!) a recommendation or a reflection.

Sunday 20th November

“Seeing Red”

Angry Characters // Something that makes you angry about the book community

I’ve chosen today to write about something that makes me angry about the book community.

And that topic is drama.

Specifically it is Twitter drama.

I fucking HATE Twitter. It’s a waste of time, it’s cliquey, it’s stupidly limiting, and worst of all, as a blogger you pretty much HAVE to have one.

Ever since I cut back on my Twittering to only show auto-posts from my reading updates and blog, my reading life has been pretty much drama-free (except for one girl on my Facebook who tracks drama for the fun of it, I think).

You see, Twitter is filled with people who have forgotten they’re not in high school anymore.

They LOVE drama.

They’re so used to people giving a shit about their once sentence updates and what they had for breakfast and the last time they farted that they mistakenly assume everyone gives a shit about their opinion.

So when something drama-llama happens, they ALL pile on, all giving their opinions.

And then when the backlash happens, they delete their tweets, forgetting that someone’s probably got screenshots.

Pretty much all of the drama I’ve heard of in the past twelve months has been on Twitter.

Twitter. Who has time for it, anyway?



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