Rainbow Blog Challenge Day 2


Welcome to Day 2 of the Rainbow Blog Challenge, hosted by Le Book Chronicles, Rach With Books, The Reader Dragon, Legenbooksdary, Aimee 23, and elle.biblio.

This challenge runs for one week from November 20th to 26th and provides two fun daily prompts to choose from (or you can do both!) a recommendation or a reflection.

Monday 21st November

“Time is Precious”

Slow vs fast paced books // All about the slumps

I’m in a reading slump at the moment.

I have a bunch of books I’m pretty excited to get to read, but at the moment, I’m slogging through some that don’t terribly excite me.

Since I’m a reviewer, I want to try to finish them if I can.

On top of being in a reading slump, I was working on two  different private projects this month, November, and also, Pokemon Sun/Moon came out, and I’m dedicating time to my new #teamlitten.

Image result for litten

I don’t really have much time to read.

But knowing how my clumps have worked in the past, all I need is time and a good book to pick me back up.




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