Rainbow Blog Challenge Day 5


Welcome to Day 5 of the Rainbow Blog Challenge, hosted by Le Book Chronicles, Rach With Books, The Reader Dragon, Legenbooksdary, Aimee 23, and elle.biblio.

This challenge runs for one week from November 20th to 26th and provides two fun daily prompts to choose from (or you can do both!) a recommendation or a reflection.

Thursday 24th November

“Feeling Blue”

Favourite books with mental health issues // Importance of mental health in books

the rest of us just live hereThe Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness

While I think it failed as a ‘not the heroes’ story’ book, it did diversity really well, and it portrayed mental illness in such a real way I thought Ness had looked inside my own head and written it just for me.

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beautiful broken thingsBeautiful Broken Things by Sara Barnard

I was weeping by the climax of the book as I desperately hoped the abused girl didn’t commit suicide.

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after the woodsAfter the Woods by Kim Savage

While the main character had PTSD and was being treated for it, I found the more interesting character the best friend who would do anything to get what she wanted and had a very twisted view of herself. I’m not sure what she was suffering from but she was definitely mentally ill.

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underwaterUnderwater by Maria Reichardt
Morgan can’t leave her house due to her mental illness. I loved watching her grow and overcome it with treatment. It left a very positive message for others who suffer from mental illness and didn’t have a stigma against treatment (unlike SOME mental illness books ie The Fault in Our Stars). TREATMENT IS GOOD. You wouldn’t leave a broken leg unattended or just suffer from cancer without it being treated. Mental illnesses are the same.

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the things I didn't sayThe Things I Didn’t Say by Kylie Fornasier

Piper’s struggle with Selective Mutism was painful to watch but needs to be experienced. Also, it’s Australian, and beautiful.

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