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The Bookstore Book Tag, originally created by Britt Reads on YouTube.


The beginning of your trip. You walk into a bookstore and you instantly feel happy: Name a book that has the perfect beginning.


A Gothic book that opens “To say I’d been kept prisoner my entire life in an attic wasn’t quite true.” is, in my mind, simply a masterpiece: completely aware of its genre and able to showcase that strength without it turning satirical.

That sad moment when they don’t have the book you were looking for: Name a book that made you bawl your eyes out.

a monster calls

You need to be perpared for A Monster Calls. Paradoxically, it’s impossible to prepare for A Monster Calls. It’s such a simple tale, but it packs a real emotional punch – and it doens’t emotionally blackmail you, either. It’s the honest truth, and that simple, raw honesty is what tears your heart out.

That moment you’re just looking around and find a random book that just speaks to you: Name a hidden gem.

hypnotic city

What can I say about this book other than it is COMPLETE PERFECTION.

That moment you finally find the book that you were looking for: Name a book that you’ve waited months and months for to be released.


Months and months? Try YEARS AND YEARS. Clariel was always ‘coming’, in the works, but Nix had more ‘present’ novels to write, or novels that were due. FINALLY IT CAME AND IT WAS WONDERFUL.

That moment you see a book with a gorgeous cover and you just have to have it: Name a book you bought purely because of its cover.

Fallen (Fallen, #1)

I’m almost ashamed of this. Fallen had literally the most beautiful cover ever but also THE WORST BLURB. It was like, one sentence, and said something like, “Can Luce and Daniel be together?” or something shitty like that. It didn’t tell you what the novel was about AT ALL. And I fell head over heels and bought it.

Then gave it away when I moved countries.

And now, despite the fact that I’ve read the first two books and loved to hate them, I want them again IN HARDCOVER just because they are SO FUCKING BEAUTIFUL.

That moment you have to pay a lot of money for your books but still feel very happy you finally have them: Name a book that made you suffer, but you were still happy about it.

beautiful broken things

I had a lot in common with the main character and could identify a lot with the other characters and this novel pretty much wrecked me but I freaking loved it. Would totally do it again.

Walking out of the bookstore feeling super happy and excited: Name a book with the perfect ending.

burning midnight

So many books I read are from a series. Series books are super hard to get the perfect ending. However, this stand-alone, Burning Midnight, was just perfection. The ending really worked with the whole plot and brought the story completely together.

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