The Aussie Book Tag

The Aussie Book Tag, originally created by Julia @ Picnic Reads and Ngoc @ Happy Comes First.

Thanks to Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books for bringing it to my attention.


Koala : A character you want to cuddle all day long

a promise of fire

Griffin from A Promise of Fire. Who doesn’t love a big, brutal barbarian to snuggle under the furs with all winter long?

Vegemite : A book you love that everyone else hates


I loved this book. Most people didn’t understand the futuristic slang, the propaganda encouraging teen girls to get pregnant, or that it is in fact a parody, so I found it pretty hilarious. I mean, twins called Melody and Harmony? PUH-LEASE.

Socceroos : Favorite Fictional Squad


It’s a toss up between the old and the new!

Animorphs: The almighty squad of Jake the Fearless Leader, Rachel the Xena: Warrior Princess, Cassie the tree-hugger, Marco the ‘meat and sarcasm guy’, Tobias the bird-boy and his uncle the blue alien Aximili.

The Heartless City: Elliot the empath, Iris the unstoppable, Cam the player, Philomena the wildfire, and Andrew, who came in a bit late for me to give a title.

Southern Cross : Most Recent 5 Star-Read

hypnotic city

I read this all the way back in July of 2016, almost six months ago, and I haven’t had another 5 star books since*.

*Goldenhand probably would have received 5 stars if I had been able to read the whole thing. Alas, the review copy I had was only an excerpt, and at the time I didn’t know it, so it coloured my feelings towards the book. I did purchase a copy recently and plan on reading the rest of it soon.

Patriotism : Favorite Book By An Author From Your Country


I’m counting the trilogy as a ‘favourite book’ since it would be so bad to say Lirael/Abhorsen is ‘better’ than Sabriel, but Lirael and Abhorsen are simply one story packaged into two books.

Echinda : A book you like to look at, but it physically hurts to read

Fallen Torment

They are so pretty but so badly written my eyes want to bleed.


Ned Kelly : A Book That is really grim, but an iconic must-read

tomorrow when the war began

Totally, it’s TOTALLY iconic of Australia and the bush and teen rural life and war and just everything about it is perfect.

But it’s also about teenagers at war and death and all this sad stuff happens and it’s totally grim.

Great Barrier Reef : A book that had you gaping in awe

beautiful broken things

I was in awe of this book because it touched on so many things I’d experienced in my life that I thought it was written just for me. Including this horrible accident at the end which was how a friend of mine died. It made me really raw and left me in awe.

Pavlova : A light and fluffy book that you can’t help but love

I don’t really do fluffy books. Does anyone have a recommendation? The fluffiest i’ve read was Bridget Jones’ Diary, and although it was pretty funny, it wasn’t phenomenal or anything.

Milo : A genre/author you reach for to get you out of a reading slump

My go-to genre for getting out of a slump is pretty specific (despite that, there are HEAPS of books in it!), and in fact for a couple of years I was exclusively collecting these types of books so I’ve got quite a few:

  • High fantasy
  • Female lead
  • Preferably a teenager or a young woman
  • Preferably a healer or magically gifted
  • The magic is preferably elemental-based or something new and unique
  • The female is preferably a princess or comes into contact with royalty, if it exists in the story.
  • The point of view is preferably first person past tense
  • If there is a love interest, they start off hating each other and slow-burn to a real true love commitment.
  • The true love can be romantic with a human of either gender or it can be platonic with an animal.





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  1. Ngoc

    Thank you so much for doing the tag!!!! OMG I’m SO glad I’m not the only one who feels that way about Fallen – I couldn’t make it past the 2nd chapter because it was so badly written </3 And I bought Beautiful Broken Things recently – can't wait to read it & experience the lovely writing for myself! 🙂

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