Emily Chambers Spirit Medium Book 3: Evermore

Emily Chambers Spirit Medium Book 3: EvermoreEvermore (Emily Chambers Spirit Medium trilogy #3) by C.J. Archer
Published by Oz Books
Published on January 1st 1970
Pages: 214
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4 Stars

When ghosts begin to disappear from the Otherworld, Emily Chambers and her friends must hunt down those responsible before every last spirit, including Jacob Beaufort, is destroyed and Emily's livelihood along with them. But there is one thing stopping them - Jacob's killer.
Weakened and fading fast, the ghost of Jacob Beaufort is determined to save Emily from a bleak and uncertain future. With her family facing financial ruin and the Otherworld in chaos, he knows her only hope is to wed Theo.
As lives and afterlives hang in the balance, Emily is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice, or lose everything she loves.

Ghosts are disappearing in both the mortal world and the Waiting Area, and it’s up to Emily to figure out why before her beloved Jacob ceases to exist. Also, will Celia please stop pressuring her to marry Theo? Jeez.

Evermore, like Possession and The Medium before it, gives us more of the same that we crave and love. The esxuisite manners of the 19th centur mean that sometimes Emil doesn’t get to join in on the fun that George and Theo do. Jacob is somewhat less brooding and more desperate to be with Emily. The gang uncovers who the true villain is, but only after asking loads of questions, being frustrated at every turn, and then eventually someone comes to them of their own free will to ‘help.’

One of the big events is Adelaide’s ball, but we don’t get to spend much time there because unfortunately bad guy shave no sense of timing and don’t believe in taking the day off.

One of the things I enjoyed about this book was how events from the first book related all the way through to this one, and how some things were revealed in this one that spread all the way back to the first one.

Of course a romance between a spirit and a medium is doomed from the start unless one of them is willing to give something up – be it their immortality or their life. We see this trope repeated in Twilight with Bell and Edward, and even as far back as Arwen and Aragorn in Lord of the Rings. How on earth are we supposed to find a happy ending for Emily and Jacob? Will Emily be left with no choice but to marry someone she doesn’t love or end up like her spinster sister? I am pleased to say that I found the ending very satisfactory for all parties concerned and I even had a little bit of a cry, I think maybe from relief.

The Emily Chambers Spirit Medium Trilogy is highly enjoyable because of its eclectic mix of supernatural, paranormal, science, nineteenth century setting and the memorable characters led by the spunky and brave Emily, a girl out of her own time who has way too much to deal with for any seventeen year old, let alone a half-breed orphan who can see ghosts. I recommend these books to people who enjoy historical romances and historical paranormal/supernatural stuff.


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