January Wrap Up


Not much to report! It’s been a slow month. I’m in the middle of dealing with a very difficult and private personal crisis so I haven’t have much time to read. I am reading some very good books – Maria Snyder’s Dawn Study, Rhiannon Thomas’s Long May She Reign – but I only really have the mental fortitude to come home, collapse on my bed and watch bad TV at the moment. I binged watched the entire series of Sex and the City in about a week after watching the films on Netflix.

I saw Moana at the cinema (finally!) and cried about half a dozen times. I think Moana is my new favourite Disney Princess (sorry, Belle!) even though I still identify with Rapunzel the most, and I also have to take some time to think if Moana is a better film than The Lion King, which I have held quite firmly as my favourite film for 20 years because of two events: the stampede, which to this day I cannot listen to or watch without crying and was AMAZING in the stage show, and Mufasa in the clouds, which I maintain is the most incredible piece of cinematic work in the history of cinema and nothing has come close to beating that scene. But Moana might. I really need to think about it. You can’t just replace your favourite film of 20 years because something shiny and new has come along.

Also, I liked Moana better than Frozen.

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