Ode to Library Ebooks

After my struggle with reading last year, where I read only 12 books for the entire year, due to extreme personal circumstances which have somewhat been resolved, I have rediscovered the joy of my local library.

I don’t mean love for the actual building because ugh, people. I still love my physical library, it’s the greatest! It’s clean and airy and bright and interesting, and the volunteer staff are lovely, and it has a good selection of books.

I mean I have been using Overdrive linked to my local library to listen to audiobooks and read ebook.

I have fallen in love all over again with borrowing, and I’m here to tell you why it’s so great.

  1. I don’t have to leave the house, which is great, because I work weekdays and often can’t make it to my local library of a Saturday morning. Also, people, ugh, people suck and I hate them. I love not having to leave my house and still getting my hands on books I’ve been dying to read.
  2. They often get upcoming and recent releases, and if you’re sharp, you can put these on hold and download them right upon release. No waiting for me!
  3. Not everyone who loves to read has a compatible ereader, so there’s less competition/wait times for popular/recently published ebooks! Seriously some super hyped books are available in my library and no one wants to read them. They are all mine! (Temporarily.)
  4. Audiobooks! Seriously, audiobooks are the greatest. I listen to them in the bathroom as I am getting ready for work, and I listen to them on my commute. And sometimes even at work. Audiobooks are the best! It’s reading without having to dedicate time to holding a book.
  5. I can carry 5 ebooks and audiobooks on Overdrive on my phone, which takes up a lot less space and weight than 5 physical books. (I can carry way more with my Kindle app but this is about my library books, not just all ebooks.)
  6. Sometimes the library has books in ebook/audiobook that they don’t have in physical copies. Newsflash! Ebooks are cheaper than paperbacks!
  7. Sometimes I miss out on an ARC, but my library gets an ebook copy, so I get to read it anyway!

Those are the non-exhausted list of reason I love my library’s ebooks and audiobooks.


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