Fall Into Books Reading Challenge: Day 10 #FallinBooks

This Challenge is Hosted at I Am A Reader & Co-hosted at Clean Wholesome Romance.

You can participate a little or as much as you want. Choose just 1 day to join in, participate every day, or come and go as your time allows.

I have way too many books on my to-be-read pile to add here in any kind of coherence, so I’ll tell you about how I organise my TBR list:

I have one basic list on Goodreads that I add every book I want to read. I’m picky about this, because it’s already got over 300 books on it. I know exactly the kind of books I like to read so unless the blurb is good enough or it’s a direct recommendation, it’s not going to find it easy to get on to this list.

I try to whittle this ‘Want to Read’ list down every so often by checking to make sure I still want to read the book, and then finding out when I can get a copy. I made a series on this called Culling the TBR Pile.

I also have several other exclusive shelves that I then shift books from my Want to Read shelf over to, once I have been able to spend some time investigating how easy it will be to get a copy of said book. I do this by first checking if it is available in my local library, then on Kindle, then on a bookshop website.

These exclusive shelves are:

  • to buy (for when I have exhausted all easy/cheap options but still want to buy – it’s basically my go-to list if I’m placing an online book order)
  • to buy kindle (for when the Kindle version is the cheapest/most easily accessible)
  • to listen libby audio (for library audiobooks)
  • to read libby ebook (for library ebooks)
  • to read library (for library physical copies, which mean I will have to leave my house to borrow)
  • to read one day (books I can’t find easily or cheaply enough but still want to read)
  • to read own (kinda obvious – books I own that I want to read)

I also have two lists for review books:

  • to read review (for when I have asked for a review copy)
  • unsolicited (for when a review copy showed up on my doorstep)

I organise the first one, ‘to read review’ generally by release date, unless the book has already been published.

My ‘unsolicited’ shelf doesn’t really get organised, but I pick books off there if I feel like reading them. It’s a way to keep track of if a publisher nesds credit under FTC rules if I do end up reviewing.


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