Fall Into Books Reading Challenge: Day 14 #FallinBooks

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As a book reviewer, I don’t really have time to re-read a book until it is super awesome amazeballs, or I’m in a super depressing book slump and need to get out with the help of a much-loved classic.

However, I do have a long list of books on a dedicated ‘Want to re-read’ shelf, and I’ll pick a few of the most recent ones to share with you today:

I’ve only read the Gold and Gaslight Chronicles by Andrea Berthot once, but I loved them so immediately and strongly that I’ve wanted to re-read them. Once The Hysterical City is available in paperback and on my shelf, I’ll probably read them all together at once.


I fell hard head over heels for Sara Barnard’s heart-wrenching YA contemporaries, and I’d love to revisit them when I have time.


I’ve already read half of this series multiple time, but Garth Nix’s Old Kingdom series is really amazing and I love revisiting that world. These books are ALWAYS on my ‘want to re-read’ shelf. As soon as I am finished, I want to rejoin that world.


I’m actually in the process of slowly re-reading the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling using the illustrated editions by Jim Kay. Before this, I’ve only read them once, when they were each first released. It’s super interesting reading a book collectively adored by yourself and so many as an adult when you first experienced its joy and wonder as a child.



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