Fall Into Books Reading Challenge: Day 18 #FallinBooks

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I could go the easy route and pick Harry Potter for this. The Harry Potter series is the most unforgettable series in the world, in my opinion.

But I’m going to try to pick something that might be a more obscure than Harry Potter.

One of my favourite standalones I’ve ever read is a little-known book called The Summer Witch, by Louise Cooper.

It’s aimed at an older young adult audience (probably late teens and up), and it was published long before New Adult was even a thing.

It’s about this young woman called Carys, whose father sells her to marry this old widower. Out of respect, this old farmer never touches her in anything other than a chaste kiss on the cheek, but Carys, being a young married woman and somewhat jealous of the other married women in her village, and increasingly lonely, visits some travelling magic people to help turn an old scarecrow she’s been fantasising about (it sound weird but it’s really good, I swear) into a real lover for herself she names Robin, after his robin’s egg blue eyes.  There’s no erotica, but it’s definitely not for tweens that can sometimes enjoy YA.

The Summer Witch took me by surprise because as Carys delves deeper into magic everything kind of unravels for her. I don’t want to give away the ending in case anyone wants to read it, but this book has always stayed with me. My local library had a copy I used to borrow every time I visited, until, by complete happenstance, I discovered a hardcover copy in a second hand bookshop and almost burst into tears. It’s one of my favourite books but because it’s so obscure and was published so long ago before YA was even a thing, let alone New Adult, that I don’t really mention it to people.

Now I really want to re-read it.




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