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I have a ‘thing’ for reformed bad guys. No matter how bad a villain has been, if they get a conscious and end up playing for and helping the good guys, I’ll end up really liking them.

Sometimes secretly.

Like Aphrodite, from the House of Night series by PC Cast. Sure, it’s a terrible series with an even worse plot, and Cast is an awful writer who pushes her non-PC (lol) agenda on everyone, and all the characters are exceedingly hateful, hypocritical, one-dimensional stereotypes…

Except that Aphrodite OWNS her badness. I love a reformed villain with spunk, and boy, does she have attitude.

But Aphrodite is NOT the ‘loveable villain’ I want to talk about today, she’s just an example of even in the most awful-written, just disgustingly bad book I can find a character to root for.

The character I want to talk about is Lockwood from Heather Dixon’s Illusionarium.

Lockwood was a surprise to me, but really, he shouldn’t have been. I have an extraordinary weakness for reformed bad guys, and although Lockwood at first seems like a villain, over the course of the novel he and Jonathon enter a somewhat tumultuous almost-friendship. More like frenemies.

I absolutely loved Lockwood, and I hate that I loved him. He was such an asshole! But that makes it even better. I think he’s an incredible character and the novel was greatly enriched by his mere existence.



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