New Kindle!

Recently I got a new Kindle!

I’ve been using the same Kindle since 2011, and despite it still being in very good condition (never going anywhere without a case) and I only really used it to read ARCs, my husband has been through like 3 and I was starting to get resentful of my ‘older’ device! It always happens to me! I take really good care of my belongings and they last forever, so I miss out on all the new stuff! I didn’t get a smart phone until 2012! I still have an iPad from 2013! I got my first Game Boy in 1997 and didn’t upgrade to a Nintendo DS (Lite) until 2007!

I wanted a reading device with a backlight, and the newer models also had touchscreens, so it would be similar to the Kindle app I use on my mobile phone.

I knew I didn’t want a Paperwhite, so I got a Kindle Oasis!

And holy moly, it was very expensive. So expensive that for the first few weeks I didn’t want to put it in my bag and bring it to work! But I was reading a library ebook on my phone during my lunch break, so that was OK.

Side by side comparison of my old Kindle 2011 and new Kindle Oasis 2017. The original Kindle has a ‘skin’ on it, that’s why it looks weird.

The Oasis uses Collections differently to my trusty older Kindle 2011, so it was a steep and frustrating learning curve getting – all the books I wanted – in the Collections I wanted – on the right device. In fact, I’m still a little frustrated it doesn’t do things the easy way my older Kindle did, but like I said, I’m still learning how to use it. I did use my older Kindle almost every day for 7 years, it’s going to take some time to adjust to the fancy one.

On the plus side, I can very easily access books in my Kindle library not yet downloaded onto the device, which I’m sure will be very handy in the future. My husband and I actually share a Kindle library since we have crossover taste, so he can read my books and I can read his. (This is an old arrangement prior to the Family Sharing system modern Kindles now have in place.)

It’s weirdly balanced with a thicker edge on one side for the battery and other components, and apparently this makes one-handed reading easier because the centre of gravity shifts to the palm of your hand, but I have a case that folds up so you can prop it up and read largely hands-free.

It’s thin and light with a bigger, backlit, rotating screen. That’s right! You can read it holding it in your left or right hand.

Apparently it also has Bluetooth for connecting to a Bluetooth-enabled speaker if I wanted to listen to an Audible audiobook, but since I get all of my audiobooks from my local library, I haven’t explored that avenue yet.

It’s also apparently waterproof for up to one hour to depths of 2 metres but my Kindle isn’t exactly going out in the rain and we don’t have a bathtub, but I wouldn’t take something that expensive into the bath anyway.

All of this is very important so I can keep up with reading my ARCs!


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