February Wrap Up


I can’t believe it’s the first day of March already. These past two months have just gone by so quickly. I swear it was only 2018 last week!

Also – my trusty 7 year old laptop is DYING. More like DEAD. The fan has gone, so I’m using a different computer to write this, but if I haven’t been around or if I’m not around much while I save up for a new laptop, that’s why. I can’t believe how expensive good laptops are! They should last more than 7 years! I’m pretty mad about it, but also really sad. If I had known it was going to die on me I wouldn’t have been so heavily invested in playing The Sims 3 lately.

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2 thoughts on “February Wrap Up

  1. Dor

    Have you tried replacing the fan? It’s a lot cheaper to fix than to buy new. If you haven’t a local repair shop/guy who fixes PCs out of his bedroom (try your local paper?), have a gander on YouTube and see if you’re up to it. 😀 Good luck!

    1. Nemo

      I’ve had my IT mate have a look and while I COULD replace the fan, I’d rather save up and get a really good new computer. This one is already at least 7 years old, used heavily but never actually the specs I wanted since it was a replacement for a sudden recall of the one I originally bought. So while I’m sad, I’m excited to get a new computer with great specs so I can play my games in high quality.

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