May Wrap Up


I got a new job! I start next week! It’s a secondment, and a promotion! It’s COMPLETELY 100% different to what I currently do, but it’s still with the same employer, and absolutely everyone has been so excited to see me switch teams: my old team is thrilled, my new team is ecstatic, and everyone in my office and not in my old or new team are also super happy for me!

I’m so happy that just over 2 years after being made redundant at my old job (where the pay was poor, the work incredibly boring, and had no opportunity to move upwards) I’m now going to be earning almost double what I used to earn, and I’ve made really great impressions on senior staff in the organisation. It was tough to get where I’m going, but things have finally started getting good! I do love my old job, so much, but it was time for a change and to learn new things.

It’s been getting really cold where I live, with snow falling for the first time this year. I’ve had to start using heat-saving techniques and pulling out my amazing fluffy heated throw rug, which my three cats adore.

In reading news, I’ve read some really great books this month! My audiobooks have been on point. I QUIT a book for the first time this year! I don’t have time for books I’m not enjoying!

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