June Wrap Up


I starter my new job in June and I LOVE IT. It’s hard work, but so satisfying. I’m learning so much, and I really feel like I’m making a difference to the world.

It’s been raining A LOT now that it’s deep into winter, so I’ve been trying to read more, but it’s so much easier to come home and binge watch TV wrapped up in a heater throw rug with three uber snuggly cats. I may be going through a reading slump. I’ve had to change both my hair routine AND my makeup routine (I wear makeup every day because I love makeup, in case anyone’s looking for justification) to combat this dry cold with rain (yes you can have dry air and rain, just like you can have combination dry/oily skin or multiple curl patterns/porosity).

My husband and I both got really sick this month, and had to take time off work to recover. It’s so NOT FUN being sick. People joke about taking sick days to read, but having legit sick days doesn’t mean I can just spend the time reading. My head is foggy, I’m exhausted, and I can’t concentrate on the story enough to enjoy it. Also, being sick is expensive! I don’t even mean in America, I mean in Australia. You need a job just to be able to afford all the medicine to keep you functioning.

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