Top Ten Favourite Bookmarks

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Top Ten Favourite Bookmarks

It’s a very sad day, because although I looked and looked, I couldn’t find on of my favourite bookmarks to take a photograph of. Instead, I’ll just have to describe it:

A heat-activated, colour-changing lizard that came with one of my early editions of one oft the Animorphs books. I don’t remember which one, because it was more than 20 years ago. The lizard started out green, and when it was heated up (simply by using body heat) it went through a range of colours and then stopped at, I think, blue.

On of my other favourite bookmarks was also one I couldn’t find, but I found a photograph online.

An orange bookmark with an image of Ax morphing into a human, and a bite mark shape taken out of one corner. I don’t have MY version, but I do have a photo I found on Seerowpedia:

This is a customer bookmark my husband made me, and I use it for hardcovers.

This is a second bookmark my husband made me, because I like seashorses. The pink stones used to be a necklace that broke. This version is smaller and more delicate than the one above.

I don’t remember where I got this beautiful purple ribbon heart bookmark from, but I love it so much I’ve only used it once.

A stash of bookmarks I’ve managed not to lose from several YA Chronicles subscription boxes.

These are also cute little bookmarks from YA Chronicles subscription boxes. I think the ice cream came with a cute summer contemporary, and I don’t know who the little people are, but they’re definitely from a book, and it’s one I haven’t read.

One of my best friends gave me this cute kitten bookmark calendar in 2015 and I’ve never used it because the kittens are so cute and I don’t want to lose them.

My Lauren De Stefano swag I got when I pre-ordered The Cursed Sea (I think!).

My SIGNED Maria V Snyder swag. I don’t remember how I got them!



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