July Wrap Up


I literally don’t know where this year has gone.

I’ve still been working full time throughout all of this COVID-19 stuff since my job is deemed ‘essential services’. I have to go to my office a few times a week, and some days I work from home. It’s not a very big change from before the virus, so it hasn’t really affected me very much, though I totally sympathise with people it has affected.

I decided to go back to grad school which is TOTALLY CRAZY. I keep thinking how different this time is to my undergrad degree and the first time I did grad school. Doing grad school before totally burned me out, and I didn’t read a book for almost a year after graduating (thanks, Literature degree!). The book that got me back into reading was Twilight, and now when I’ve decided to do another post-grad qualification, Stephenie Meyer decides to publish another Twilight book which is coming out in only a few days. That’s so totally crazy!

And I just had my EIGHT YEAR blogging anniversary. Seriously! I’ve kept this little blog going for eight whole years!

And Taylor Swift dropped a surprise album a week ago.

2020 is just nuts.

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