The Invasion (Animorphs Graphix #1) by K.A. Applegate, Michael Grant, and Chris Grine

The Invasion (Animorphs Graphix #1) by K.A. Applegate, Michael Grant, and Chris GrineThe Invasion (Animorphs Graphix #1) by K.A. Applegate, Michael Grant, Chris Grine
Published by Graphix
Published on 6 October 2020
Genres: Science Fiction, United States, Young Adult
Pages: 230
Format: Paperback
Source: my home library
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RRP: $9.74
5 Stars

The wildly popular, bestselling sci-fi series by Katherine Applegate and Michael Grant returns in a new full-color graphic novel series, adapted by Chris Grine.

Sometimes weird things happen to people. Ask Jake. He could tell you about the night he and his friends saw a strange light in the sky that seemed to be heading right for them. That was the night five normal kids learned that humanity is under a silent attack -- and were given the power to fight back.

Now Jake, Rachel, Cassie, Tobias, and Marco can transform into some of the most dangerous creatures on Earth. And they must use that power to outsmart an evil greater than anything the world has ever seen. . . .

I’ve already reviewed the source material for this, so I won’t be talking about characterisation, plotting, the action, or anything like that.

Why I think this is great for existing Animorphs fans to read is because seeing things these drawings makes everything come flooding back: and yes, I am hugely nostalgic for Animorphs and I love it so very much, but it’s still a very good graphic novel adaptation. Small details have been included that would just be exhausting and over the top in a written narrative meant for a novella aimed at middle-grade readers, such as Elfangor having stripes on some areas of his body. Not important in the books: in the graphic novel, that kind of detail is lovely to see.

The artwork is effective and beautiful, terrifying, and hilarious. My only gripe is that I don’t really like the way the artist draws human faces, but it’s his distinctive art style and I think I just need to get used to it. Also, I’m not usually a graphic novel reader, so you can take my opinion on that with a grain of salt. However, the animal artwork is spectacular.

It’s a very close, almost word-word adaptation in many ways, however there are several incidents that are improved with just a few tweaks or lines of dialogue, and my favourite one is when Jake first morphs Homer, and Tom opens the door to tell him to stop Homer form barking because their mother is on the phone, and finds Tobias, and apparently Homer in Jake’s shirt… And Tobias tells Tom that Jake thought it would be funny to dress up Homer, and he’s gone to find more clothes. That was hilarious.

The morphing in the books sometimes takes pages, but here it’s done in a couple of panels. The sound effects or onomatopoeia are incredible, and really help you hear what is going on. The overall effect is kind of more intense than just reading it.

I think this could also be a really great entry point to a whole new generation of readers discovering the complete Animorphs series in books form, which is available for free via Reddit and approved by the authors, very generously.

The Animorphs reboot a few years ago eventually petered out. I hope this adaptation continues for quite a few more novels, as I would love to meet Ax, and see the David trilogy.


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