Top Ten Taylor Swift Evermore Songs That Should Be Turned Into Books

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Top Ten Freebie:

Taylor Swift Evermore Songs That Should be Turned into Books

Evermore by Taylor Swift

  1. willow
    – my idea is based more on the music video rather than the song lyrics. I think the two love interests are time travellers who can’t control when they shift or which body they shift into, but bring their current consciousness. And something keeps tearing them apart but they keep finding each other in these different times – the children in the tent, the ye olde fair, the witch dance – because they are soulmates. Kind of like the Tim Traveller’s Wife but with both of them and more magic.
  2. champagne problems
    – it’s about a couple who break up because the woman rejected the man’s marriage proposal and couldn’t say why.
  3. gold rush
    – about a girl psyching herself out from even going after a guy she thinks is way too good for her.
  4. tolerate it
    – this would be such a sad book! A book about domestic abuse, I think.
  5. no body, no crime
    – who DOESN’T want a revenge-filled book about sisterhood and found family and how the main character literally murders this guy and dumps him in the swamp in like Florida or something, like she’s some kind of femme fatale version of Dexter?
  6. dorothea
    – about a small-town girl who left for LA to make it as an actress – likely told from the POV of that girls’ friend who tells the story through, like social media appearances, or TV appearances.
  7. cowboy like me
    – about a girl who may be a small-time con and meets her match in a new love interest where she doesn’t have to hide who she is.
  8. long story short
    – I feel like this idea is a bit out there but I think it’s a contemporary about a girl who survived a car crash over a cliff with her then-boyfriend because they were breaking up at the time, and then she finds new love after healing and learning to trust again.
  9. marjorie
    – This would be a story about a teen girl haunted by her recently deceased grandmother who was an opera singer.
  10. Right where you left me
    – this is probably my favourite, a story about a ghost girl literally trapped in time at a restaurant because her boyfriend broke up with her.



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