June Wrap Up


I’ve been super stressed this month, just not coping with much very well at all. My sick kitty just keeps getting worse and there’s nothing I can do about it.

I did get to read some fantastic books, though.

I keep wanting to try becoming a mood reader but I feel the crushing expectations of my 600 unread physical books.

I returned some books unread to the library – this sounds like sacrilege, but I think of it like that mem about adulting where you keep trying to catch up with your friends but your schedules don’t align. In this case, I keep borrowing books from the library with the best of intentions and then not reading them.

I’m trying to stop borrowing physical books from the library. After all, I have over 600 unread books sitting in my own personal library. I need to turn it into a library where I need to sign out to borrow a book, get index cards and everything, but it’s too much work.

I’ve ever forgotten that I said I was going to cut back on posting. I’m feeling the pressure, because I pay for hosting on this blog, to keep my content up.

And in the end, I’ve forgone everything and picked up an old favourite to re-read. A comfort read, if you will.

Monthly Wrap Up

Book Stuff

  • Number of books read: 4
  • Finished a series: I finished a duology! Bone Crier’s Dawn.
  • Started a series: The Bone Charmer
  • New to me authors: Breeana Shields (The Bone Charmer)
  • I also DNF’d Spindle Fire by Lex Hillyer
  • and I read and really enjoyed it but won’t review it as this is a YA blog: A Star Pilot’s Fearless Rebel by Eva Delaney and Vivi Clarke.
  • Favourite book: I literally can’t pick, I had a great reading month.

Book Reviews:


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