Standalone Titles Are Underrated

Standalone books are often overlooked in favour of a series, but they deserve more attention. While there’s something satisfying about following the same characters over multiple books, standalone novels offer their own unique benefits.

First and foremost, standalone books offer a complete story arc in a single package. There’s no need to wait for the next book to find out how things end, and readers can enjoy a sense of closure at the end of the story. This can be especially appealing to readers who have limited time or who prefer not to commit to a longer series.

Additionally, standalone books often authors and their readers a chance to explore different themes and genres faster a than series. Without the need to build a world and characters over multiple books, standalone authors have more freedom to experiment with different settings, tones, and styles. This can lead to fresh, exciting reads that push the boundaries of what readers expect from a particular genre.

Another advantage of standalone books is that they can be easier to dive into. With a series, readers may feel overwhelmed by the number of books and unsure of where to start. With a standalone, there’s only one book to worry about, making it easier to jump in and start reading. This can be especially appealing for readers who are new to a particular author or genre.

Of course, there are some downsides to standalone books as well. For one, readers may feel a sense of disappointment at the end of the book, knowing that there won’t be more adventures with these characters. Book hangovers, am I right?! Additionally, standalone books don’t offer the same level of familiarity and comfort as a well-loved series. There’s a certain joy in revisiting old characters and settings, and standalone books can’t offer that same experience.

Despite these downsides, standalone books are a valuable and important part of the literary landscape. They offer a complete story in a single package, allowing readers to experience a wide range of themes and genres without committing to a longer series. While series will always have their place, it’s important to remember the value of standalone books and the unique reading experiences they offer.


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