June Wrap Up

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The Crimson Moth by Kristen Ciccarelli

This was a really enjoyable story once I got past the incredibly slow first half. With a focus much more on characterisation and worldbuilding and far, far less on plot, with barely any action until halfway through, I was actually wondering what all the hype was about! That being said, once the game of cat […]

Does This Book Suck (Or Am I Not The Target Audience)?

Let’s talk about critical thinking in books. Specifically, let’s talk about a question that I literally NEVER see anyone asking when they completely rag on a book that doesn’t meet their reader expectations: “Does this book suck, or am I just not the target audience?” We’ve all been there—slogging through a book that everyone seems […]

Love From Scratch by Amy Hutton

When I read the blurb for Love From Scratch, I instantly fell in love with the idea of this flashy, confident, golden retriever movie star hero and this ‘grumpy’, reserved, black cat heroine. And I’m so pleased that from the very opening line, I fell head over heels for Love From Scratch and loved every […]

Chainbreaker (Timekeeper #2) by Tara Sim

Chainbreaker is the second book in the Timekeeper trilogy by Tara Sim and as a second book, it does not suffer from middle book syndrome. I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of this book, and I found it highly entertaining and engaging the entire way through with no sagging parts or filler. This series is no […]