Hi, I’m Nemo!

I live in a truly beautiful part of rural Australia (ie corner of No and Where) with my imported husband and two three adorably cuddly black cats. By day I work in IT, and by night I turn into a vigilante kitten snuggler. That’s why you’ll find cats hidden all over this blog!

I also have a degree in English Literature, but you won’t find academic, literary interpretations here! It’s all about the enjoyment of reading. I actually specialised in page to screen adaptations, and that’s why I started my original feature Page to Screen!

Apart from being buried in books, I also knit, crochet, watercolour and glass paint, finish jigsaw puzzles, kick ass as the reigning MarioKart queen, and watch Netflix with my husband. I am a Pokemon MASTER several times over and Vulpix is my favourite Pokemon (not for battling though, her stats are pretty pathetic). I consider myself a Fire trainer but as a challenge try not to start every game automatically picking the Fire starter.

I have a fondness for spreadsheets, high quality vanilla bean ice cream, Galaxy chocolate, sparkly things, old school WarCraft, the Sims, white hot chocolate, animated films, and lazy mornings snuggling in my epically comfortable bed with a good book while my cats tag-team each other for cuddles.

I love musical theatre and have been in a few amateur productions before a tragic illness affected my singing voice forever. As a classically trained mezzo-soprano I can belt along to most of the modern female roles, although my favourite role I can never sing will always be Christine Daae in The Phantom of the Opera. Not very feminist of me, but the music is amazing and Sarah Brightman is my hero. I also love Taylor Swift (who writes how I feel) although I didn’t always, and my favourite band is Nightwish, a symphonic metal band from Finland, which is where I get my non de plume Nemo Evermore from. My taste in books is as diverse as my taste in music.


Hi, I’m Archer!

Well first and foremost I’m cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.

I reside in Australia but am English by births, I’ve been here since 2012.

When it comes to my reading, I will devour pretty much anything that can hold me. I’m a big fan of the works of Jim Butcher, specifically the Dresden Files series. I also love Orcs by Stan Nicholls, Shogun by James Clavelle, The Old Kingdom trilogy by Garth Nix, His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman. I loathe Stephenie Meyer with a passion: in my mind she is to literature what Trolls 2 is to film.

But outside of that I’m a keen amateur photographer, a serious gamer and a keen cook.

And on that note I shall leave you with one last, tiny thought…

Money cannot buy happiness… But it can buy Bacon… Which is pretty much the same thing.