Are You Young Adult at Heart?

Are you a bookworm who’d rather read about house parties than go to one?

Who enjoys reading about a sparkly vampire boyfriend but are perfectly content with your accountant husband, even if he farts in his sleep?

Who’d rather put off thinking about the upcoming bills in favour of reading just one more chapter?

This blog is the place for you.

The Moonlight Library

is a book blog that provides reviews and promotions of YA books starring female heroes written by women for the YA@<3 who wish they didn’t have to grow up and be responsible, who want to relive all the options they forewent in their own teenage years, who love a bit of romance, beautiful dresses, and breaking the rules.

 Why is it called the ‘The Moonlight Library’?

When Nemo was a child, she was lucky enough to have  her bed next to a big window where she could contort her body so it was still in bed but fit a book behind the curtain and read by the light of the bright full moon.


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