Before I Fall Film Review

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver has been one of my favourite books ever since I read it way back before I started blogging. You can find my review for it here, if you’d rather read that first. What I loved about this film adaptation was the closeness the four main girls portrayed. They were […]

Film Review: Jesus Christ Superstar Arena Tour (2013)

Jesus Christ Superstar the Arena Tour has been touring the UK and Australia in 2012/2013, and been filmed and distributed by Universal and shown on select cinema screens. It’s now available in Blu-ray/DVD, and because I am a huge Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber fan, and a huge Tim Minchin fan, I bought it on faith. […]

Film review: Les Miserables (2012)

This review contains unmarked spoilers. Les Mierables, directed by Tom Hooper, is an adaptation of the English-language musical translated from the French musical based on the French book (all of the same name) written by Victor Hugo. It stars Hugh Jackman as Jean Valjean, a petty criminal who served 19 years hard labour for repeated […]

Film review: Captain America (2011)

Captain America (2011) is our final Avengers film before our intrepid Avengers assemble. This film is a little different than its sister films Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, and Thor: it’s still an origins film, but it’s more of a war film than a superhero film. This, I think, contributes to why it is my […]

Film review: Thor (2011)

Kenneth Branagh’s beautifully directed epic superhero film Thor, released in 2009/2010, follows the adventures of Marvel’s version of the Norse mythological god, Thor – the god of thunder. BAM! Even though these gods age, Thor is still a young man in this film, and his arrogance and certainty of his own sense of entitlement means […]

Film Review: Iron Man 2 (2010)

I didn’t feel like writing my review last week, so here it is now. Iron Man II picks up where Iron Man left off: with Tony Stark’s admission as the identity of the armoured superhero at a live press conference. Then it gets awesome. The end. No seriously. I’m struggling to write this review. Because […]

Film Review: The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Marvel Studio’s second Avengers Cinematic Universe, The Incredible Hulk, was released in 2008 and directed by Louis Letterrier and serves as a reboot of the franchise and also a standalone sequel after the ‘failed’ 2003 film, and also as a prequel for the Hulk’s story prior to him appearing in The Avengers. It’s not an […]

Film Review: Iron Man (2008)

Iron Man, released in 2008 and directed by Jon Favreau (also starring as Happy, Tony Stark’s driver) is the first film released by Marvel Studios and kicks off a (currently) six film-long Avengers geek fest with the promise of further films to come. The best thing about this string of films is that they’re all […]