June Wrap Up

News I did say in May I might not be around very much in June, and it’s true, I wasn’t. I’m going through some rough personal things I’d rather not splash all across the internet. Which also means no news. I failed again in my Project Silver Brumby attempt to read both Moon Filly that […]

Monthly Wrap Up

News I don’t have any news for this month. I had a really small book haul because I didn’t buy any books, and due to personal reasons I wasn’t able to complete this month’s Project Silver Brumby, which was supposed to be Moon Filly. I’ll work on it later. I did read a bunch of […]

April Wrap Up

News Nemo April has been a slow month for me, with not much to report. Although I think it’s been my biggest unsolicited review book haul since I started blogging, so maybe that’s something. Wrestlemania was on near the start of April and for non-wrestling fans it’s basically like the Superbowl but bigger. It was […]

March Wrap Up

News Nemo: In case you didn’t notice, Taneika and I have a guest contributor on the blog! Archer from Ballad of the Redshirts is guest reviewing the Goosebumps series for us. He’s a good friend to both of us and we’re excited to have him on the blog! I was excited to take part in […]

February Wrap Up

News Nemo It was a complete and utter surprise to find that Mary Weber had sent me a hardcover of Siren’s Song all the way from America. I was so touched that Mary remembered me from the earl days of promoting Storm Siren and sent me not only a book but a beautiful hardcover edition […]

January Wrap Up

News Nemo: You should have noticed by now that this blog has renamed itself from The Moonlight Library to Young Adult At Heart and welcomed a co-blogger, the lovely Taneika from Flipping Through The Pages onboard! Why the name change? I have been thinking about getting a co-blogger for a while now, but I didn’t […]

December Wrap Up

News I hope all my readers had a really great Christmas or whatever seasonal holiday you celebrate and I wish everyone a very Happy New Year for 2016! God knows I’ve been through some tough times this year. I’m not normally one to say ‘this year sucked, on to the next one!’ In fact, I […]

November Wrap Up

News I’ve been self-hosted for an entire year! Wow, where has the time gone? I’ve given self-hosting a lot of thought over the past year. I mostly took up the more expensive hosting with Book Host because my husband and I were both working full-time and could afford the fluctuating exchange rate. Then my husband […]

October Wrap Up

News Hubs and I came down with the stomach flu, or norovirus, for over a week, and in that time I felt too poorly to do anything except lie in bed and watch Netflix and Stan. Other than that, it was just the daily grind of work, rest, and recreation. Quite an average month. I […]

September Wrap Up

News September was a rough month for me personally. My husband tried to go on meds to help him sleep, ended up with an issue called ‘seratonin syndrome’ that basically made gave him an anxiety attack for like a week straight, then he had a migraine, then he had food poisoning, so he barely worked […]