April Wrap Up

News I haven’t done a monthly wrap up since January because I took a hiatus for part of February and all of March. There was a good reason for this. I’ve had a really, really shitty end to 2016 and the roughest start to 2017. I’m not even exaggerating. I’m now dealing with a husband who […]

January Wrap Up

News Not much to report! It’s been a slow month. I’m in the middle of dealing with a very difficult and private personal crisis so I haven’t have much time to read. I am reading some very good books – Maria Snyder’s Dawn Study, Rhiannon Thomas’s Long May She Reign – but I only really […]

December Wrap Up

News We’re back a day early! Because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to do a wrap up for December! As you can see, the website formerly known as Young Adult At Heart (for all of one year) has returned to the original name of The Moonlight Library, now complete with a brand new look! […]

November Wrap Up

News A quiet month on the blog! I managed to post a few times, taking part in PC Cast’s Moon Chosen blog tour, talking about Goodread’s ‘Best Books of 2016’, and taking part in the RAINBOW Blog Challenge hosted by a bunch of different hosts. I didn’t get much reading done –  well, no, that’s […]

October Wrap Up

News This was a slow month on the blog! I’m going through a serious reading slump and just can’t get interested in anything! And I have a big bunch of unsolicited review books that sound awesome, as well as a bunch of review books I was excited to request at the time! But hopefully that […]

September Wrap Up

News Today just happens to be the day of the Australian Football League’s Grand Final, for which Tanieka and I have absolutely zero interest, being from the kind of forgotten states – she of the west and I of the south. But for the rest of Australia, it’s an excuse to get drunk like yobbos […]

August Wrap Up

News It was my birthday this month! I hit the big 3-0. This would be the time in The Sims where I aged up between Young Adult and Adult. I can’t believe I’m not a young adult anymore! I still feel like I’m seventeen! Or at least twenty. I’ve been having trouble sleeping for the […]

July Wrap Up

News I was pretty sick this month so I spent a lot of time in bed and luckily got to read a lot of books! Well, a lot for ME. I’m not one of those ’20 books a month’ bloggers. I had almost two weeks off work due to a cold that landed on my […]

June Wrap Up

News I did say in May I might not be around very much in June, and it’s true, I wasn’t. I’m going through some rough personal things I’d rather not splash all across the internet. Which also means no news. I failed again in my Project Silver Brumby attempt to read both Moon Filly that […]

Monthly Wrap Up

News I don’t have any news for this month. I had a really small book haul because I didn’t buy any books, and due to personal reasons I wasn’t able to complete this month’s Project Silver Brumby, which was supposed to be Moon Filly. I’ll work on it later. I did read a bunch of […]