How Do You Deal With Damaged Books?

Today, we’re delving into a topic that fills me with dread and anxiety: the idea of damage being inflicted upon my cherished books. As someone who views each book as a precious treasure, the mere thought of pages bending, covers creasing, or spines cracking sends a shudder through my bookish soul. Is this a seemingly […]

Navigating the Emotional Resonance of Second-Hand Books

For book enthusiasts, the allure of second-hand bookstores is undeniable. The nostalgia, the hidden treasures waiting to be discovered, and the sense of connection to literary history are all part of the charm. Yet, for some of us, the world of used books carries a unique challenge—one that is often overlooked but deeply felt: the […]

Annotating Books: Do You Write In Books?

Today, we’re diving into a topic that can be both intriguing and mildly unsettling—the idea of annotating fiction books. Yes, you read that right. I want to explore the realm of adding notes, highlights, and scribbles to those pristine pages that have captured my imagination. Many of us hold the unblemished page as sacred, revering […]

Are Positive Reviews Easier to Write than Negative Reviews?

Today, I wanted to discuss the struggle to write positive book reviews. It may seem counterintuitive, but expressing adoration for a book while maintaining an authentic and balanced perspective can be quite the challenge. Have you ever encountered a book that swept you off your feet, carried you to a realm of pure enchantment, and […]

Fantasy Books Are Not Always Medieval

I’m so annoyed at readers disliking fantasy books because they’re ‘too modern’. Characters using modern language but also dragons, oh noes, how can this be? Fantasy books are not always set in medieval times. They are not historical with magic. They are set in entirely different worlds. I know that some of the most popular […]

Struggling to Re-Read

As a child, I was an avid reader. I was the kid who could always be found with a book in hand, exploring new worlds, and discovering exciting adventures within the pages of well-worn paperbacks. However, what truly set me apart was my penchant for rereading those beloved tales, over and over again. Back then, […]

Embracing the Joy of Reading Without Reviewing

I’ve always been a hardcore advocate for critically thinking about the books I read. Analysing the themes, dissecting character motivations, and diving deep into the intricacies of the plot has been my jam. I went to school for this. I have a degree in English Literature. But last year I came to a realisation: always […]

Why I Won’t Lend You My Unread Book

Today, I want to delve into a topic that’s close to my heart and likely resonates with many of you: the sacred act of lending books. Or rather, the absolute aversion to lending an unread book. Before you call me possessive or overly cautious, let me explain why I’m firmly in the “no unread book […]

Why Some Readers Skip Blurbs

Have you ever met someone who insists on diving into a book without even glancing at the blurb on the back cover? When I first learned of this, I thought, “Isn’t that like taking a leap of faith blindfolded?” Well, today let’s unravel the mystery behind why some readers choose to skip the blurb and […]

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