5 Reasons to Use An Alias in Book Blogging

I’ve been book blogging for five years now, and reviewing for seven. That’s five years of crafting and maintaining this alias, ‘Nemo’. I picked the name because it is Latin for ‘no one’. Of course, I’m a nobody sharing my opinions online and I find that ironic. I think people who share their real names […]

Why I’ve Not Been Reading This Year

I figured out why blogging has been so hard for me this year. And it’s not just any one issue, but a collection of things. 1) I’ve been beating myself up because now that I’m working less, I should have more time to read, right? But I figured out that I actually did most of […]

Read What You Want To And F*ck The Haters

I’ve mentioned a few times before that I did a literature degree. By that I mean I did what is commonly known as a ‘liberal arts’ degree and all the electives I took revolved around literature. Gothic literature, Regency literature, popular literature (I got to read Harry Potter for class!), literature of Australia, and of […]

Five Character Favourites I Hate

Five Characters Everyone Loves But I Can’t Stand I know hype is a thing but sometimes, people, I just get so confused over why the masses adore certian characters that I just can’t stand for one reason or another. Take, for example, Celeana Fucking Sardothian from Throne of Glass. We are constantly told how amazing […]

I Hated Sharing Books as a Child

For most of my reading life, I was very precious about my books. I didn’t like to lend books because no one treated them the way they deserved to be treated, and I didn’t like sharing the stories inside, either. My enjoyment of these books was completely private. I hid what I was reading from […]

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