Stop Accusing Everything of Being Instalove

I am so fucking sick of seeing reviewers claiming every single YA with a romance is ‘instalove’. What is insta-love? It’s when the main character meets her (or his) romantic interest and is instantly willing to proclaim love and change the world and risk everything to be with that person. I’ll give you some examples […]

5 Reasons to Use An Alias in Book Blogging

I’ve been book blogging for five years now, and reviewing for seven. That’s five years of crafting and maintaining this alias, ‘Nemo’. I picked the name because it is Latin for ‘no one’. Of course, I’m a nobody sharing my opinions online and I find that ironic. I think people who share their real names […]

Why I’ve Not Been Reading This Year

I figured out why blogging has been so hard for me this year. And it’s not just any one issue, but a collection of things. 1) I’ve been beating myself up because now that I’m working less, I should have more time to read, right? But I figured out that I actually did most of […]

Read What You Want To And F*ck The Haters

I’ve mentioned a few times before that I did a literature degree. By that I mean I did what is commonly known as a ‘liberal arts’ degree and all the electives I took revolved around literature. Gothic literature, Regency literature, popular literature (I got to read Harry Potter for class!), literature of Australia, and of […]

Five Character Favourites I Hate

Five Characters Everyone Loves But I Can’t Stand I know hype is a thing but sometimes, people, I just get so confused over why the masses adore certian characters that I just can’t stand for one reason or another. Take, for example, Celeana Fucking Sardothian from Throne of Glass. We are constantly told how amazing […]

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