I Met a Childhood Idol

Once in a Lifetime Because of where I live, I basically get no access to the authors I’m interested in. It’s a fair trek for them without much reward – it’s a small population. I do know that Neil Gaiman has been here before, but that was before I’d read any of his books so […]

Insta-Love: Why All The Hate?

Insta-Love: Why All The Hate? Why does insta-love get such hate from book reviewers? Why are book readers turned off from books that others claim contain insta-love? Why is it that sometimes these books in question do not actually contain insta-love? Is everyone crazy, or just confused? Insta-love is not the bane of YA books […]

Dealing With Jealousy

Jealousy in Book Blogging Sometimes in the life of a book blogger, we forget that it’s not a competition between who has the most views or comments, or who gets the most sought after ARCs, or who meets the trendiest author. Because of where I live, I’m basically never going to meet my favourite authors. […]

UN World Book Day

  Today’s Musing by Moonlight is a Movement piece in response to Old Rocker’s proposal that we book bloggers remind the world that we are not, in fact, bullies. What is Criticism? Book bloggers have a right under the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights and fair use laws to showcase book covers, quotes, and […]

2 Essential Blog Management Tools

I’ve talked about how I use Goodreads to organise my to-reads list and figure out which books I’m buying next, and last week I showed you how I reorganised my bookshelves. Now I want to talk about another couple of fantastic tools I use for managing the blog. Google Calendar I’ve kept a schedule since […]

I Reorganised My Bookshelf

  Because of my husband’s illness, I’ve been having time off work to care for him. Don’t get me wrong: this isn’t a holiday. I’m not lazing around the house and spending all my time reading – not that that’s what I get to do on holidays anyway (seriously, number of book read when I […]

Musing by Moonlight: My Book Nerd Score

OK Barnes and Noble, let’s see how much of a book nerd you think I am!  You currently own more than 20 books. Anyone own this much and are still considered book nerds? You currently own more than 50 books. I surely do. Just keep guessing, though. You currently own more than 100 books. Try […]

Musing by Moonlight: Why I Hate Twitter

Yes, it’s true. I hate Twitter. Why? I think it’s a waste of time. Which is the wrong attitude to have in the book blogging world, because Twitter is how most people make their connections and promote their work. Here’s why I hate it: You have to be able to dedicate real time into tweeting […]

Musing By Moonlight: My Book Buying Habit Exposed

Welcome to Musing by Moonlight, where I take the opportunity to get off my chest anything and everything to do with books. Or maybe not. Depends how I feel. A Shocking Revelation I’m incredibly organised when it comes to how I get my hands on the books I want to read. Previously I’ve detailed exactly […]