Project Animorphs: Book #2 The Visitor

Book 2: The Visitor Publishing Date: June 1996 Narrator: Rachel My rating: In Book #2: The Visitor, the Animorphs decide to infiltrate the suburban home of one of Visser Three’s top-ranked Controllers, Assistant Principal Chapman, using the family cat as a morph. It’s a genius move: after all, who would suspect a kid can turn into […]

Project Animorphs: Book #1 The Invasion

Book 1: The Invasion Publishing Date: June 1996 Narrator: Jake My rating: I’ve been thinking about this review for a while. There’s two major difficulties: it’s often hard to write a great review of an amazing book, and how does one review a book one has read a billionty times since one was ten years old? […]

A Year Long Project

So I’ve decided to do something. As you may or may not know, I am a huge fan of the Animorphs series by K.A. Applegate (and various ghostwriters). I own the entire series – that’s 54 regular books, four Megamorphs, and four Chronicles as well as two non-canon Choose-Your-Own-Adventure type ‘Alternamorphs’. I read it from […]

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