Project Animorphs: Book #19 The Departure

Book 18: The Decision Publishing Date: July 1998 Narrator: Cassie and Jake My rating: After a battle where Cassie can’t tell if she killed a Hork-Bajir before or after Jake called them off, Cassie has had enough of being an Animorph. She quits. No more morphing, no more fighting, and hopefully no more nightmares of being […]

Project Animorphs: Book #18 The Decision

Book 18: The Decision Publishing Date: May 1998 Narrator: Ax My rating: Ax and the Animorphs morph mosquitoes in an attempt to steal an important guy’s blood and morph him while he’s in a coma arranged by the Yeerks. While in mosquito morph, their excess mass in Zero-Space falls into the wake of a passing Andalite […]