Audio Book Review: The Golden Compass/Northern Lights by Philip Pullman

Publisher: Listening Library Publishing Date: October 23 2003 Genre: Children, Fantasy Format: Audio Book (unabridged) My rating: When twelve year old Lyra’s friend Roger goes missing from Jordan College, she and her daemon Pantalaimon set out on a dizzying journey of gyptians (boat people), witches, armoured bears, child-snatchers, an aeronaut (yes it is as cool as it sounds) and […]

Mini Review: The Little Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff

Publisher: Jay Kristoff Publishing Date: 2012 Genre: Children, Steampunk Format: Paperback Page count: 33 My rating: Without spoiling Stormdancer, Jay Kristoff’s companion children’s book The Little Stormdancer delivers the charming tale of Yukiko and her companion griffon (‘thunder tiger’) Buruu in a condensed, simplified version, weaving the familiar themes of environmental protection and animal welfare also found in the full-length novel. The repeated […]