Mini Review: If Puppies Could Talk by Dana Bottenfield

Publisher: Publications International, Ltd Publishing Date: March 15th 2010 Genre: Humour Format: Hardcover Page count: 73 My rating: Obviously this book had a lot of potential, what with it being about cute puppies and including pictures on every page.  It could have been a whole lot more imaginable if, for instance, the words were written first and then a […]

Mini Review: I Could Pee On This by Francesco Marciuliano

Publisher: Chronicle Books Publishing Date: August 15 2012 Genre: Poetry, Humour Format: Hardcover Page count: 112 My rating: This little book of poetry delighted me. I mean, it’s written by cats! How awesome is that? We are treated to such gems as ‘I Lick Your Nose,’ ‘Some of My Best Friends Are Dogs’ and ‘That Top Shelf’. It’s way […]