Project Animorphs: Megamorphs #4: Back to Before

Megamorphs #4: Back to Before Publishing Date: May 2000 Narrator: All My rating: The premise of this novel, the fourth and final Megamorphs, is simple: what would have happened to the Animorphs and Ax if the teenagers had not walked through the construction site and met Elfangor? Even though this alternate-world has absolutely no bearing […]

Project Animorphs: Megamorphs #3: Elfangor’s Secret

Megamorphs #3: Elfangor’s Secret Publishing Date: May 1999 Narrator: All My rating: The Animorphs have been issued a challenge: stop Visser Four messing with Earth’s history using the Time Matrix, or else America will never be and instead everyone is racist and Cassie has a slave and Tobias is in a relationship with Melissa Chapman […]

Project Animorphs: The Andalite Chronicles

The Andalite Chronicles Publishing Date: December 1997 Narrator: Elfangor My rating: This is the story of Elfangor, from his beginning as an aristh, an Andalite space cadet, to his time on Earth that no one but the Ellimist knows about. This is the story of what happened before the Animorphs. The Andalite Chronicles, strictly speaking, […]

Project Animorphs: Megamorphs #1: The Andalite’s Gift

Megamorphs #1: The Andalite’s Gift Publishing Date: June 1997 Narrator: All My rating: In the first Megamorphs, the ‘companion’ series (not quite a spin off, not quite a continuation), the Animorphs fight a morph-hunting alien made of dust while Rachel has amnesia. This companion series is special because the covers don’t follow the norm, the […]