Project Animorphs: Book #12 The Reaction

Book 12: The Reaction Publishing Date: November 1997 Narrator: Rachel My rating: Rachel jumps into a crocodile pit to save a little boy, and upon acquiring the crocodile finds she’s allergic and now can’t control her morphing until she ‘burps’ the crocodile DNA from her system. Then she accidentally morphs into an elephant and her house […]

Project Animorphs: Book #5 The Predator

Book 5: The Predator Publishing Date: December 1996 Narrator: Marco My rating: In Book #5, newly rescued Andalite cadet Ax decides he’d like to go home, so the group decide to hijack a Yeerk Bug fighter. Marco’s first time narrating an Animorphs book is another one you really don’t want to miss. There are two stand-out […]

Project Animorphs: Book #2 The Visitor

Book 2: The Visitor Publishing Date: June 1996 Narrator: Rachel My rating: In Book #2: The Visitor, the Animorphs decide to infiltrate the suburban home of one of Visser Three’s top-ranked Controllers, Assistant Principal Chapman, using the family cat as a morph. It’s a genius move: after all, who would suspect a kid can turn into […]

Project Animorphs: Book #1 The Invasion

Book 1: The Invasion Publishing Date: June 1996 Narrator: Jake My rating: I’ve been thinking about this review for a while. There’s two major difficulties: it’s often hard to write a great review of an amazing book, and how does one review a book one has read a billionty times since one was ten years old? […]