Project Animorphs: Book #53 The Answer

Book 53: The Answer Publishing Date: May 2001 Narrator: Jake My rating: The final stages of the war are at hand. With the Yeerk pool now a giant sinkhole taking up most of the downtown area, Jake and the Animorphs know the only food supply for the parasites is the Pool ship landing from orbit. […]

Project Animorphs: Book #50 The Ultimate

Book 50: The Ultimate Publishing Date: February 2001 Narrator: Cassie My rating: Cassie and the Animorphs are at a loss. They’re on the losing side of war continually upping the stakes – the next level is all-out invasion. With only six of them, and with Jake falling into a depression over the loss of his […]

Project Animorphs: Book #48 The Return

Book 48: The Return Publishing Date: December 2000 Narrator: Rachel My rating: Rachel has been kidnapped by David the rat, the boy the Animorphs trapped in morph when he sold them out. He wants revenge on Rachel, but who is really behind the scenes pulling all the strings? The Return is highly reminiscent of Jake’s […]

Project Animorphs: The Ellimist Chronicles

The Ellimist Chronicles Publishing Date: November 2000 Narrator: Toomin “Ellimist” My rating: The Ellimist Chronicles follows the adolescent and later life of Toomin the Ketran – better known as the powerful inter-galactic space weasel the Ellimist – as he rises to power and meets Crayak, his equally unearthly arch-enemy. The Ellimist Chronicles is one of […]

Project Animorphs: Book #45 The Revelation

Book 44: The Revelation Publishing Date: September 2000 Narrator: Marco My rating: Marco and the Animorphs suspect the Yeerks will go after Marco’s father when he suddenly announces his engineering firm has discovered Zero-space. With little time to think, Marco acts to save his only family left – but then the Animorphs learn Visser One […]

Project Animorphs: Book #44 The Unexpected

Book 44: The Unexpected Publishing Date: August 2000 Narrator: Cassie My rating: Cassie takes on the Yeerks by herself and is summarily transported to Australia where she reveals her morphing power to an Aboriginal family but it’s OK because they’re charming natives who believe in spirits, hee hee isn’t that cute *rolls eyes* The book […]

Project Animorphs: Book #43 The Test

Book 43: The Test Publishing Date: July 2000 Narrator: Tobias My rating: Tobias and the Animorphs have made a deal with ex-Sub Visser Taylor, the insane Controller who tortured Tobias, to blow up the Yeerk Pool using natural gas and Taxxon morphs. But is it all a clever trap to eliminate the ‘Andalite bandits’ once and […]

Project Animorphs: Book #42 The Journey

Book 42: The Journey Publishing Date: June 2000 Narrator: Rachel and Marco My rating: It’s Animorphs meets The Magic School Bus as Rachel and her pals shrink themselves to journey into Marco’s nose and stop the annoyingly overinflated egos of the Helmacrons from killing him. Meanwhile Marco needs to find the camera of some punk kid […]

Project Animorphs: Book #41 The Familiar

Book 41: The Familiar Publishing Date: May 2000 Narrator: Jake My rating: In this book, Jake fucks up, gets sent into some weird alternate reality test/future/dream, weird shit happens, and nothing is relevant. The end. I don’t even want to bother writing a review for this book, it’s of such little importance. Here are the things […]

Project Animorphs: Book #40 The Other

Book 40: The Other Publishing Date: April 2000 Narrator: Marco My rating: When a video of an Andalite shows up on TV, Marco and the Animorphs know they have to investigate. Is it Ax accidentally caught on tape, have the Andalites finally arrived, or is it a trap set by Visser Three to flush out the […]

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