Project Animorphs: Book #21 The Threat

Book 21: The Threat Publishing Date: September 1998 Narrator: Jake My rating: Things with the newest Animorph, David, aren’t going so well. He’s reckless, unmoral, and a coward. He’s also the biggest threat to the Animorphs since they started their war. He knows their secret, and he has their power… I absolutely love the David trilogy. […]

Project Animorphs: Book #20 The Discovery

Book 20: The Discovery Publishing Date: August 1998 Narrator: Marco My rating: A new kid at school has found the blue box, the box that gave the Animorphs their morphing power. Now the Animorphs have to decide whether they are going to turn him over to the Yeerks, or make him the newest Animorph… It’s pretty […]

Project Animorphs: Book #18 The Decision

Book 18: The Decision Publishing Date: May 1998 Narrator: Ax My rating: Ax and the Animorphs morph mosquitoes in an attempt to steal an important guy’s blood and morph him while he’s in a coma arranged by the Yeerks. While in mosquito morph, their excess mass in Zero-Space falls into the wake of a passing Andalite […]