Project Animorphs: Book #9 The Secret

Book 9: The Secret Publishing Date: June 1997 Narrator: Cassie My rating: When the Animorphs discover the Yeerks are going to start logging the national forest behind Cassie’s farm to flush out the ‘Andalite bandits’, the team decide the parasitic aliens must be stopped. Everyone thinks it’s to save Ax, except for Cassie, who doesn’t want […]

Project Animorphs: Book #8 The Alien

Book 8: The Alien Publishing Date: July 1997 Narrator: Ax My rating: This book was a BIG DEAL when I was a kid because it was the first time a representation of an Andalite would appear on the cover. And trust me, the Andalite illustrations get A LOT better than this. Ax’s first turn at narration […]