Project Animorphs: Book #38 The Arrival

Book 38: The Arrival Publishing Date: February 2000 Narrator: Ax My rating: An elite team of Andalites lands on Earth to assassinate Visser Three and immediately demand that Ax chose a side: his people, or his family. With the Animorphs demoralised at the prospect of the Andalite fleet giving up on Earth, Ax joins the Andalites […]

Project Animorphs: Book #34 The Prophecy

Book 34: The Prophecy Publishing Date: October 1999 Narrator: Cassie and Aldrea My rating: An Arn has come to Earth to offer the Hork-Bajir a way to fight the Yeerks and retake their home planet. It requires someone to take on the ixcila – the essence, or spirit – of Aldrea, the lonely Andalite-turned Hork-Bajir rebel […]