Game Review: Lost Dream

Lost Dream
Developer: Morning Shift Studios
Publisher: Morning Shift Studios
Release Date: 13 Mar, 2021
Genre: Walking simulator
Platform: Switch
RRP: $4.99 AUS

Lost Dream tells a story about your friend being taken away by humans. You wake up one day determined to rescue her. Explore the lengths a fox would go to rescue his friend. Travel through the world, experience the path to change your life.

Lost Dream is a charming game that takes players on a short adventure as you play the role of a young fox rescuing its kidnapped friend. Set in a vibrant and but largely empty world, it has the potential to offer the kind of experience I love, which is basically walking simulations, however it also feels like the game was completed in a short time frame. The dev does acknowledge this, stating that there is no save system as the game is only about an hour long and can be completed in one sitting. And there is a market for that! The market is ME!

The gameplay mechanics in Lost Dream are simple yet enjoyable, providing a sense of exploration and discovery. The puzzles scattered throughout the game offer a small challenge, which allowed me to exercise my problem-solving skills to progress through the story.

One of the game’s strengths lies in its cute as fuck art style and enchanting atmosphere. The visuals are striking, with vibrant colours and a creative art design that made it feel like I was running, jumping, and puzzling my way through a dreamlike realm. The accompanying soundtrack complements the visuals perfectly, immersing players in a magical ambiance that enhances the overall experience.

Also, I just really fucking love foxes.

However, it is worth noting that Lost Dream’s biggest drawback is its brevity. The game can be completed in a relatively short time, which on the one hand, yay! I finished a game! On the other hand, I really got the impression it was a student project. While the game displays potential and showcases the developer’s creativity, I was left wishing for more content with additional levels or expanded gameplay elements, and a deeper dive into the dreamlike world.

Despite its shortcomings, Lost Dream remains a pleasant experience for a game that is sold relatively cheaply. It serves as a testament to the developer’s passion for creating unique and imaginative worlds. With a longer playtime and some polish, it has the potential to rival titles in the indie gaming scene that it was clearly inspired by, such as The First Tree and Lost Ember (two of my personal favourites).

As I was looking for the box art for this review, I discovered the dev has released several other games in this series. While it may be the same case as Aery: Little Bird Adventures and its… many… sequels, offering a game with exactly the same mechanics, art style, soundtrack, and plot, I really do love foxes so I might just check them out… and when you think about it, a cup of coffee costs over $5 these days, and I don’t even drink coffee…

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