June Wrap Up

News I did say in May I might not be around very much in June, and it’s true, I wasn’t. I’m going through some rough personal things I’d rather not splash all across the internet. Which also means no news. I failed again in my Project Silver Brumby attempt to read both Moon Filly that […]

What’s Wrong With Platonic Relationships?

Why is everyone shipping platonic relationships into sexual/romantic ones? Is there no value on platonic relationships? I remember watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and begging – begging – the director not to change it from the book as Harry and Hermione danced inside the tent. The sexual tension between them killed me because […]

Zelah Green: Queen of Clean and Not Much Else

Zelah Green: Queen of Clean and Not Much Else

SUMMARY/PLOT Zelah’s stepmother can’t handle her OCD, so she tries to ship her off to a mental hospital. Zelah ends up in Forest Road House under the care and guidance of a lovely female doctor with some other misfits – an anorexic, a cutter, and a mute. There she learns to face her OCD and […]

Mid Year Check In Freak Out

I thought I’d take this opportunity to reflect on the resolutions I set myself in January and see how I’ve progressed. I can’t even remember half of them off the top of my head, so taking a look at them again is a good opportunity to see if/how I’ve progressed and to reaffirm where I […]