The Moonlight Library is currently closed to submissions.

Review Policy:

Reviews include:

  • Cover photo
  • Book Title (and series, if applicable)
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Release Date
  • Genre
  • Page count
  • Format
  • Source
  • Link to the book’s Goodreads page
  • Buy links
  • A link to the publisher’s product page
  • Rating (out of 5 hearts)
  • Summary (from Goodreads)
  • FTC disclosure, if necessary
  • An honest review in our own words.

The source of the copy of the novel is cited in every review.

We accept no compensation for our reviews.

I take review requests for self-published works ONLY IF they have been professionally edited.


All reviews will be posted on The Moonlight Library, Goodreads, and sometimes Booklikes, with automatic updates sent to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. I do not post reviews on Amazon but will do so on Barnes and Noble by special request.


Unfortunately I cannot guarantee any kind of time frame. I normally try to post ARC reviews within two weeks of its release, or the week before. Reviews are posted on the Moonlight Library blog, Goodreads and maybe Booklikes on the same day or as close to as possible.


  • Hard copies (ARCs and finished copies)
  • As of June 2022 I can only accept ePub formats for ebooks.

What I Read

I have a strong preference for Young Adult high fantasy told in first person point of view with a strong female protagonist. If it’s set in another world with magic, no dragons or elves or wizards in pointy hats, I’m interested. I have a particular affinity for stories about assassins and healers.

I also read:

  • low fantasy
  • historical
  • contemporary
  • mystery/thriller
  • paranormal
  • fairy-tale retellings.
  • sci-fi (including dystopian)
  • or any mash-ups of the previous, so long as it’s for Young Adults.

I don’t accept review requests for adult fiction, including erotica, non-fiction, memoirs/biographies, poetry or short stories.

Note: If you would like me to review a sequel, I may need the previous book/s in the series.



Due to current workload, we are currently not open to review requests.

If you are an author or publisher that would like to see your book reviewed, please use the Request page to get in touch with your preferred blogger. Please do not tweet or use Facebook or Goodreads to submit review requests.

We would like to stress that we are not a professional reviewers, we are a book bloggers with day jobs. We read and review books for fun and personal enjoyment in our very brief spare time, and our reviews contain our completely honest thoughts and feelings. While we very rarely rate books 1 star, we have done so in the past and we have written negative reviews. We do not take particular pleasure in criticising somebody’s work but we will be honest in our reviews.

We do not guarantee to review all books sent to us.

Interviews/Guest posts:

We am happy to participate in blog tours and love to host authors for guest posts and interviews.

If you are an author interested in doing an interview or guest post on The Moonlight Library, we would be happy to host you. However we do ask that you send the book and give us time to read the book before the questions are submitted. Also, please let us know if you are interested in an interview/guest post when you contact us.


We are happy to host a giveaway and we would prefer to discuss the details of the giveaway with you (such as format, postage etc).