Top Ten Authors I am Thankful For (12)

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This week’s list:

Top Ten Authors I’m Thankful For

Philip Pullman

01. Philip Pullman

Writing books that challenge religion for children? Awesome.

Anna Sewell

02. Anna Sewell

Writing books that make people think about animal cruelty? Awesome.

Charlotte Brontë

03. Charlotte Bronte

The originator of the ‘plain Jane’ heroine? Awesome.

Emily Brontë

04. Emily Bronte

Wuthering Heights is not a romance. That is all.

Anne Brontë

05. Anne Bronte

Seeing a theme here?

Jane Austen

06. Jane Austen

How would the world be now if we didn’t have Pride & Prejudice, or Emma, or Persuasion, or Sense & Sensibility?

Colin Dann

07. Colin Dann

British wildlife enthusiast. Awesome.

Elyne Mitchell

08. Elyne Mitchell

Australian wildlife enthusiast. Awesome.

Horace Walpole

09. Horace Walpole

He wrote the first ever Gothic novel. I freaking LOVE Gothic novels.

William Shakespeare

10. William Shakespeare

Come on. The guy invented half of our language. He rocks.


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