Tiny Pretty Things Comes to Netflix

TV for December is looking GOOD.

Netflix have released the trailer for their adaptation of Tiny Pretty Things by Sona Chapaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton.

There are some noticeable differences already: the main character, Gigi, has been renamed monique (not sure why, I wonder fi the authors had anything to do with it?); the school is set in Chicago, not New York, and Cassie is murdered at the start, not simply injured. I can definitely get behind the last major change, but I’m holding out on the other two.

It will be interesting to see how much of this book is loyally adapted, considering by the end of the first book we don’t even know who the main villain is, and although it is revealed in the second book, it’s really not treated like an important plot point.

However, I am very excited to see this on screen, since my main issues with the book were the inconsistencies with the way the authors wrote about their characters.

This show is set to drop on 14 December 2020.


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