The Book Blogger’s Dilemma: Should I Re-Read?

Today, let’s talk about a topic that holds a special place in every bookworm’s heart: re-reading books. Ah, the joy of revisiting familiar stories, reconnecting with beloved characters, and reliving those unforgettable moments! But here’s the twist: as a blogger, I find myself caught in a curious conundrum when it comes to re-reading.

As a child, my collection of books was, shall we say, modest. I re-read those books again and again to the point where I could practically recite them. I vividly remember finishing my very first chapter book, Black Beauty, at the tender age of six or seven. And what did I do immediately after? I flipped back to page one and started the journey all over again.

Fast forward to my life as a book blogger, where time is precious and the TBR pile keeps growing. The intention to re-read is always there. Yet the reality often plays out differently: with ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) and new releases dominating my reading schedule, re-reading took a backseat. It’s a dilemma many book bloggers can relate to — new books, or old friends? ARCs are a double-edged sword for this reason. On the one hand, they grant us early access to exciting new stories. On the other hand, they create a sense of urgency — a need to finish and review them before they hit the shelves. The pressure to stay current with the literary world can make re-reading feel like a distant luxury.

Amid this pressure of book blogging, I found several exceptions greatly helped my mental health. Childhood favourites were a safe bet that beckoned like old friends, welcoming me home with open arms. These books offer more than just a story: they hold comfort, nostalgia, and a sense of belonging. When I crack one open, I feel like I am returning home.

While the struggle to find time for re-reading persists, there are moments when a particular book’s siren call becomes too strong to resist. It’s when a story refuses to fade from memory, when characters and scenes linger in my thoughts. In those instances, re-reading becomes a necessity — an act of rekindling the magic that once captured my imagination.

As a book blogger, I find myself torn between the old and the new, the familiar and the undiscovered. But no matter where we find ourselves, I cherish joy of revisiting old favourites, even if it’s a rare treat. After all, books are timeless companions that wait patiently on our shelves, ready to welcome us back whenever we decide to return.

What about you? What books do you like to re-read?


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