Project Animorphs: Book #37 The Weakness

Book 37: The Weakness Publishing Date: January 2000 Narrator: Rachel My rating: Jake has gone away for a week, leaving the Animorphs leaderless, when they come upon the perfect opportunity to make Visser three look incompetent in front of a Yeerk Inspector, reporting to the Council of Thirteen. The Animorphs can’t pass up this opportunity, so […]

Project Animorphs: Visser

Visser Publishing Date: January 1999 Narrator: Edriss 562 (Visser One) My rating: Visser chronicles the life of Edriss 562 before she becomes Visser One. It focuses on the silent invasion of Earth and is told mostly through speaking narration and a memory dump – which means that most of the novel happened way in the […]